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Unlawful Detainer Assistant

The Eviction Process

Step 1:  Serve a Notice - the type of Notice depends on the type of issue.  For example:

  •     Non-payment of rent = 3-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit
  •     Violation of law or lease = 3-Day Notice to Quit
  •     End of rental agreement  = 30-Day Notice to Quit

Step 2: File an Unlawful Detainer - a lawsuit to give you possession of your real property

  •     We will prepare your lawsuit
  •     File it with the court
  •     Serve the tenants
  •     Set the case for trial (if they file an Answer), or file a Request to Enter Default
  •     Obtain a judgment and gain possession of your property

Step 3: Collect on the judgment - if money is owed to you after you have possession of your property, we can assist in collecting it

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