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Unlawful Detainer

We will prepare, file and serve your tenants and do everything to get you into court so you can obtain a judgment  and possession of your property.  Our fees include everything but attorney's fees and court costs.  If the tenant voluntarily moves out - great! Isn't that the goal?

Our fee:  $195.00*

Attorney at Trial

Attorney will represent you fully at trial and obtain a judgment.  Advance consultation and trial prep is included.  Experienced attorneys are available in all counties of California at reasonable rates.

Fees to be paid directly to attorney

* Court and Sheriff fees not included

Member Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles (AAGLA)

Apartment Owners Association of California (AOA)

Lockout Service

Someone must meet the Sheriff on the day you regain possession of your property.  It could be you, your agent, or our representative.  We will meet the Sheriff, along with a locksmith (ours or yours), and provide you with new keys.

Our fee:  $100.00, plus locksmith

Our Services

Serve Notice

If all you need is to prepare and serve a Notice (Pay or Quit, etc.), we'll do it - usually the same day. We use only Registered & bonded process servers.  If your tenant pays, no need for legal action. Contact us for a free consultation.

​Our fee:  $75.00*

Small Claims Assistance

Need to collect money from an old judgment, or recover money that is owed to you?  We will file your Small Claims case, serve it, and get your day in court.  After that, we can help you collect on the judgment. Go to www.processnet1.com/small.htm 

Our fee:  $135.00*

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Unlawful Detainer Assistant